Happy Dirty Hands

8 August 2017

I have paint under my fingernails and it feels great!  That might not sound like much to any of you who do not know me, but it’s one of those “steps in the right direction”.  I’m not practicing my airbrushing skills nor painting a portrait nor making a graphite architectural drawing…..I am working on an artsy/crafty repurpose project.

This is a vacation week for me from my 7-4 M-F job. The entire week can’t be spent in the studio as I do have some other things planned but I am going to get quite a few productive (and fun) hours between those four walls.  Yesterday was spent shopping for upholstery fabric for a few household projects, as well as a stroll through a Peddler’s Mall.  While there, I purchased an old typesetter’s tray to repurpose.  I’ve taken a photo of it before beginning and will include a photo after it is complete.  For now, I’ll leave you to guess what its new usage will be and I’ll return to the studio to see if the first coat of glaze has dried.

Until next time, BCRE8TF my friends.


Love, Laughter and Happiness Always,


The Creative Chick

Typesetters Tray Before


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