Time To Move

It’s time to move.  As of this date, I will no longer live on the corner of Depression and Doubt.  Rent is too high, the space is too little and there is no room for my dreams to grow. My new location will be over on Destiny and Belief. All mail sent to the old address will be returned to sender.

This change might take a bit of time as I will only be able to pack one box at a time.  Now, whether this box goes with me, or gets taken to the garbage center, will be my first challenge.  As I pack up my thoughts, my problems, my past, the stumbling blocks that have been thrown at me, I will meditate on each and determine a way to let them go.  I cannot fly with these things weighing me down.

Just like most everyone, I have dreams, goals, wishes and wants.  Unfortunately, I have allowed life to get in the way of actually living.  In so many ways, it’s my own fault but I believe that realizing this is the first step in changing, just as the first step in helping an alcoholic is getting them to admit that there is an issue.  So there…..I’ve said it…..I am admitting that I have an issue.  I have dove head first into the gutter of simply settling for a job that pays the bills and have allowed my dreams to vanish.  How do I collect all of those pieces of shattered dreams and glue them back together? It will be accomplished with a lot of hard work and determination…..much faith and hope…..a better attitude……self-discipline and whatever else that I discover.

I am an artist, although lately I feel that I have to say that “I WAS an artist”.  I am not whining nor asking for sympathy.  I will ask for support and positive thoughts but the rest has to be handled by me.  When I look around, I certainly see that my problems are much smaller than those of many people.  Maybe mine are not even truly problems, but loss of focus, ambition and goals.  Yes, there are times when I blame society for the boat in which I am currently sailing but ultimately, I’m in charge of the oars.  It is time to start rowing in a different direction.

It is quite simple to throw out these thoughts for the world to read.  The difficulty lies in actually putting this all into action.  But I CAN and WILL do it……each brick that is thrown at me will simply be used to build another step in the stairway to my happiness.

It is my intent to break away the chains that bind my artistic freedom.  It is my intent to once again start creating.  My intentions are great…….now on to the next step of packing those boxes, one by one, and moving forward.

BCRE8TF my friends!

Love, Laughter & Happiness to you always!


The Creative Chick

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